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 Welcome to the Jaren Dahlstrom's website, where you will find a selection of his paintings and prints. Plus information about his one-person exhibitions and group shows. He has for the past twenty years been working on his most recent series of paintings and prints that capture what he calls "abstract reality" and are based on reflections. He sometimes paints exactly what he sees and at other times he creates a more abstracted image. The fustion of fractured light generates forms, creating contrasts and intense colors, while producing often confused lines and distorted shapes. Sometimes these same images are further manipitulated in the computer and then painted. Creating a style of painting that seems some how familiar, yet new. Often you have no idea what created the original reflection, perhaps it is a fishing boat at a dock in the bay, a reflection of a buiding in a Venice canal, or a church in the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris. Please take a look at his paintings and prints, we hope you will enjoy what you see. You will also learn about new exhibitions, if you would to see his work in person.

Some comments left by vistors at his One-Person Show at the Littman Gallery, University of Portland included: "Striking, bold & beautiful artwork, a joy to view & interact with...", ...True Artists reveal mystic truths after all...yet again...and all in the water.", and "There are things you can not see when you stand close. The colors are beauitful...the paintings have real soul."

If you would want more information, a price list or to be put on our mailing list, please go to the Contact page by clicking on the link above. E-mail Jaren with your request and please provide your contact information or feel free to give him a call.

To get a FREE signed original print, a $50.00 value for just signing-up for our emailing list. To view the free print click on original print link above, and it will take top of page 2. Then just go to the Contact Page and email Jaren and ask to be added to the mailing list. You just need to provide your email and street mailing address and you will receive the print via the U.S. Mail.

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Paier, Sculptor and Print Maker


One-Person Shows and Small Group Exhibits

Empty Store Fronts - City of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (2016)

San Pablo Arts Gallery, San Pablo, CA (Three-Person Show) (2007, 2009, & 2011)

Sierra Arts - Northwest Reno Library Gallery, Reno, NV (July-Sept. 2009)

San Pablo Arts Gallery, San Pablo, CA (Three-Man Show) (2009)

Littman Gallery, University of Portland, Portland, OR (2009)

Villa Montalvo Art Center, Saratoga, CA (1974)

Group Shows

7th Annual Waterscapes, Fusion Art, Palm Springs, CA

Light In The Darkness, Las Lungna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Aqua, CORE New Art Space, Lakewood, CO

California Open 2020, Tag Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

7th Annual Anniversary Exhibition, Fusion Art, Palm Springs, CA

Unversity of Alaska, Anchorage, AK

City of Berkeley Public Spaces, Berkeley, CA

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA (Open Studios)

Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, CA (Multiple Shows)

Legacy Gallery, Hot Springs, AR

Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA

Synopsyst Corp. Art Exhibition, Synopsyst Corp. Headquarters, Mt. View, CA

Alameda Art Center, Alameda, CA (Multiple Shows)

H2O, City of Vallejo/US Forest Service, Vallejo, CA

Laguna Arts, Laguna Beach, CA

Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA

Silvermine Guild Gallery, New Canaan, CT

Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verde, CA

CAL Expo, Sacramento, CA

Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA


Online Galleries

Jaren Dahlstrom's current series of paintings and prints examines reflected light on water and other surfaces. The fleeting illusions, undulating constantly on a liquid world of enchanced color distorted by movement, creating abstract images of the most mundane objects. Whether it is a canal boat in Venice, Italy, a pier or outboard motor at a local marina, it is always a surprise, a gift. These objects captured in a moment of time are never to be repeated in the exact same way, a moment when light and water fuse to form an illusion of magic reality, transitory and yet more intense than the real. This fusion of fractured light seems to create more intense colors, surprising contrasts, generating incredible lines and fantastic shapes. It is out of this abstraction, that Jaren Dahlstrom paints what he calls "abstract reality". Using saturate colors, strong lines and shapes, he explores this often, overlooked realm of reflected light. He also taught print production at the University of California for 25 years. As well as having numerous one-person and group art exhibitions thoughut California, the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally.